Postmodernism in a Time of Monsters

As an intellectual movement, the record of postmodernism has been ... ambivalent. If you're unsure of what postmodernism is, and don't know what to make of it, don't worry, neither do most postmodernists. One philosopher, Jean-Francois Lyotard, once summed it up as "incredulity towards meta-narratives". In other words, a lack of faith in big ideas;... Continue Reading →

Social Ecology: A Quick Introduction

Social ecology is a critical theory coined by the late philosopher and political activist Murray Bookchin in the 1960s, and is associated with the pro-technology and directly-democratic side of the green movement. It conceives of human society and nonhuman nature needing to relate to each other in non-hierarchical and complementary ways, and can be seen... Continue Reading →

What is Solarpunk?

From the perspective of the early 21st century, things look pretty grim. A deadly cocktail of crises engulf the people of planet Earth and all other forms of biotic life which share it: a geopolitical crisis, an economic crisis, and a worsening ecological crisis due to global warming, which stems from a political-economic system that... Continue Reading →

Why “Social” Anarchism?

You may have wondered why I keep referring to social anarchism rather than just anarchism when I talk about the subject. Social anarchism is in fact what most who understand anarchism are referring to when they talk about "anarchism" without another word in front of or after it.  It is an ethical-political traditional which (contrary... Continue Reading →

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